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2018: The Right Time to Remodel

With a brand new year on the calendar, it just so happens to be the best time to look ahead to the hottest home design and renovation trends for the upcoming year in anticipation of a possible remodel or renovation. With a healthy and growing economy, now might be the best time to consider investing […]

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Fire Pits: Year-Round Outdoor Enjoyment

With home prices on the rise, it’s a wise move on the part of homeowners and homebuyers alike to try and stretch their living space as far as they can. Extending to the outdoors to either create a new patio space or renovating or expanding a current outdoor area are both great ideas that not […]

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The Luxury of Custom Built-In Cabinets and Shelving

Few things do as much for the aesthetics of a home’s interior than the look of custom built-in cabinets and shelves. You’ve probably seen them in magazines or million-dollar model homes and marveled at how much they truly add to a living space. Fashionable and incredibly functional, custom cabinets add detail, sophistication, elegance, and visual […]

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Man Caves: Are You Ready for Some Football?

With the start of football season looming just around the corner, it’s time to begin considering just where it is that you and your fellow fans are going to gather for the next five months or so to watch your favorite professional and college teams do battle. While many are fine with gathering wherever there’s […]

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Stop the Mud (and the Madness) with an Organized Mudroom

With all the torrential rain and afternoon thunderstorms we’ve been getting lately, it’s a pretty safe bet that there’s some mud and dirt being tracked unnecessarily into your home. Sure, you’ve equipped yourself with an arsenal of brooms, dustpans, vacuums, and mops to battle the mess, but it’s an endless fight that you’ll never truly […]

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3 Summer Home Renovations That Cut Energy Costs

With the official arrival of summer, it’s also that time of year to welcome the sweltering Southern heat and the increased cost of keeping your house cool. It seems as if the constant heat is rivaled only by the constant need to run your air conditioning 24/7. Here are few investments and home renovations you […]

Don’t Debate. Renovate!

Even with the recent federal interest rate hikes, loan rates are still at their relative lowest in recent memory, which means that now might be the time to act, if you’re considering refinancing or taking out a loan against your home equity for a remodeling project you’ve been contemplating. With little relief in sight and […]

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Enhance Your Investment With Curb Appeal

Curb ap-peal: noun. The attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street.

With that said, what is it you think of first when you hear the term, “curb appeal”? Most homeowners’ minds probably go straight to the idea of beautifying the front of a home in order to sell it. […]

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Decked Out

For the average American, a house is the most expensive purchase they will ever make. In addition, any improvements made to a home add to its value, enriching your investment and increasing your equity. Not all improvements are created equal, however. Some improvements are considered a better investment than others. Traditionally, kitchen renovations, roof, window […]

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Increase Your Living Space by Going Outdoors

With just a few more weeks of winter officially on the calendar, it’s the perfect time to begin looking forward to the spring season and the warm temps that come with it. The blossoms, the warm air, and the late evening sunsets are just a few of the things we have access to once we […]

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