Researching to Find the Right Contractor

While the thought of taking on any home renovation or remodeling project seems like a huge, daunting one, the thought of doing it without the help and guidance of a reputable and trustworthy contractor makes it all seem that much more intimidating and stressful -- maybe even impossible. One should never underestimate the many benefits [...]

All About That Basement

If you’re a homeowner, it’s safe to say that you’re probably never quite fully satisfied with the current state of your home, at any given point in time. Seemingly always a work in progress, the work and responsibility of being a homeowner never truly goes away. If it’s not the daily list of things that [...]

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Man Caves: Are You Ready for Some Football?

With the start of football season looming just around the corner, it’s time to begin considering just where it is that you and your fellow fans are going to gather for the next five months or so to watch your favorite professional and college teams do battle. While many are fine with gathering wherever there’s [...]

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Stop the Mud (and the Madness) with an Organized Mudroom

With all the torrential rain and afternoon thunderstorms we’ve been getting lately, it’s a pretty safe bet that there’s some mud and dirt being tracked unnecessarily into your home. Sure, you’ve equipped yourself with an arsenal of brooms, dustpans, vacuums, and mops to battle the mess, but it’s an endless fight that you’ll never truly [...]

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3 Summer Home Renovations That Cut Energy Costs

With the official arrival of summer, it’s also that time of year to welcome the sweltering Southern heat and the increased cost of keeping your house cool. It seems as if the constant heat is rivaled only by the constant need to run your air conditioning 24/7. Here are few investments and home renovations you [...]

Get Custom: Incorporate Unique Touches in Your Home

Custom touches make your home unique, so have you considered breaking out of your cookie cutter style and adding an eye-catching feature (or two) to your home? Custom barn doors, barrel vault ceilings, dumbwaiters, hidden pantries, and safe rooms are just a few ways you can make a statement in your home. Barn Doors Barn [...]

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Finish Your Basement This Fall

With the kids once again headed off to school five days a week, you may find yourself with some extra time to think about the look and feel of your home. On the other hand, you may find yourself busier than ever and in dire need of more usable space than the amount you got [...]

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Five Interior Styles for Finished Basements

When it comes to the ground level of the home, many basement finishers are content to let the furniture do all the talking while they keep the walls, floors and ceilings simple. This can be a great finishing option, especially for those looking to sell, but there’s potential for much more! At Green Remodeling, we [...]

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